Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the Go Again...

Okay... so we still live in Olympia but are now on the opposite end of town. So far I have mulched and pathed on area (done over the winter to kill the grass), grubbed out blackberry and established two large compost heaps (made from salvaged hog wire), pruned/fertilized/mulched our thornless blackberry, and begun to build raised beds (of which two are put together). In the near future I will be attempting to convoy a large quantity of composted horse manure to the property while still trying to score more wood chip, and total up the amount of topsoil I think I will need to buy. In the next two months I need to put up net fencing as we have dear in the area... that will be relatively easy though (I think)... anyways.

Camera crapped out so no photos.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Back to the Future...

A new home... a new land... a new garden... updates coming soon,

Friday, May 29, 2009

And Two Weeks Later...

As we continue succession planting, our first seeds from two weekends ago are popping up all over the place. This weekend, we are planting pole beans ("Helda" and "Kentucky Wonder") in between our corn plants, and next week, we will plant squash around both of them. For those that don't know, this combination is called the "Three Sisters." The beans fix nitrogen from the air into the soil, feeding the roots of the corn. The corn, in return, provides a trellis for the viney beans to grow up onto. The squash, planted last, has huge leaves that shade the soil, retaining water for all the roots' benefit, as well as keeping down weeds. Here are some pictures of our lovely seedlings:
Beans and a sunflower in Jesse and Paloma's Love Bed!

A watermelon seedling that was started under grow lights.

Corn babies, they grow up so fast!

Kevin Marl has been critical to the developement of this project. Thank you so much from everyone!